New features added in version 5.0 of PHP Classified Ads

A new administration panel

The new administration panel has a modern and user-friendly design allowing to access easily the different pages for approving the new listings, managing the existing ones, editing the site's pages and content, the different configuration settings and others.
best classifieds script admin panel

php classified ads script new front-end

An entirely new front-end

We created an entirely new front-end with the possibility to customize its colors from the admin panel, the different sections on the home page, images, advertisements and others. The administrator can now choose which sections on the main page he would like to include like featured classified ads, latest listings, browse the listings by category, browse the listings by location, search form, home page background, texts and others.

New page in the admin panel for home page settings management and preview

This new page allows to customize the home page of the main site by uploading a different background image, editing the header texts, set if to show the featured classified ads and/or the latest ones, set if to show the browse the ads by category section and the browse ads by location.
home page configuration of php classified ads script

custom meta tags online classifieds script

New functionality to set custom meta titles and descriptions for the categories and locations

This new functionaliy allows the administrator to set new custom titles for the categories, sub categories and locations on the website to improve the SEO of the site. There is also now possibility to enter a text (for SEO purposes or to add explanation or a description of the category or location) that will be displayed on the page below the category or location name.

More options for the listing packages

Now the administrator has more options when creating different classified ad list packages like the number of days in which the ads posted with this package will expire, the number of allowed images, if a video will be allowed and others.
listing packages php classifieds script

dashboard user classifieds script

A new administration panel for the registered users

By default with PHP Classified Ads both registered and not registerd users can post their classified ads (any of the options can be turned off if necessary). The registered users have now a new and much improved administration panel allowing them to manage their ads, their profile, logo, contact details and other settings.

Other new features and improvements

We did many other improvements and new features like adding the Stripe payment gateway, the possibility to print the listings, functionality to configure an external SMTP server to send the email messages, Google reCaptcha integration, Google site map generation and others.
improvements classifieds script

New features added in version 4.3 of PHP Classified Ads

Change the format of the search results - switch between grid and list view

This new feature allows the users to easily switch between list view and grid view of the search results.
Their choice is remembered, so when they open the next page with results, it will open directly in their preferred format.
Change the format of the search results

pricing plans classified ads

More flexible pricing plans

The administrator can now create different ads posting pricing plans and set the pricing depending on the ad category, the number of days in which the ad will expire, maximum number of allowed pictures and featured or regular status.
This offers great flexibility to create different free and paid pricing plans and charge the users for featured ads.

New search form

The new form allows quick and easy search by keyword, listing category or location. The categories and location list menus are also searchable.
New search form php classified ads

Facebook login feature classifieds script

Facebook login feature

This new feature allows the users to login directly with their facebook account and skip the registration.

Email alerts

The users can create email alerts and be notified by email when a new listing meeting their search criteria is posted on the website.
Email alerts classifieds script

New tabbed listing details layout php

New tabbed listing details page design

The information on the listing details page is now split in four different tabs - Details (showing the description, custom fields and information and brief contact information), Images (with the additional images uploaded by the users), Location (showing the location and Google Map, if the user has added one for his listing), Share (allowing to share the listing on the social networks and form for recommending it to a friend by sending an email)

Share a listing and recommend it to a friend

This new form allows the users to recommend the listing to a friend, by sending him an email with the ad title and details link.
Share a listing and recommend it to a friend

pricing plans classified ads

Our latest admin panel

Version 4.1 of PHP Classified Ads comes now with our latest and user friendly admin panel.
Like the front site, its layout is also responsive - helping the administrator to manage the website also from smartphone or tablet.

Functionality to set the pricing separately for the different categories

With this new functionality the administrator can set separately (if he prefers so) the pricing for posting an ad in the different categories.
For example posting an ad in the Buy&Sell category may cost $5, while posting a new classified ad in the Jobs category may cost $15 etc.
When creating a new package the administrator can specify for which category this package should be available - if he doesn't select any value, then the package will be available for all the categories.
set the pricing separately categories

XML Search API

XML Search API

The XML Search API allows searching by certain predefined parameters and returns the information about the listings meeting the search criteria in XML format.
The XML API makes easier the integration of the classified website with other website or software applications (including standalone applications and such for mobile devices).

Refine search menu

The new refine search menu allows to filter the results by searching by any of the custom fields defined for the selected category (it shows up only if there are custom fields defined for the category).
Refine search menu

New users dashboard

New users dashboard and admin panel

The new users admin panel and dashboard makes easier for the users to manage their profile and ads, post new classified ads or banners.

Custom fields for the sub categories and fields inheritance

Except just for the main categories like in the previous versions, the new improved custom fields management functionality allows to define also custom fields for the sub categories.
When a sub category is selected, it shows its custom fields and the ones of its parent categories (fields inheritance).
Custom fields for the sub categories

Banner areas

Banner areas & banners management

This new functionality allows the administrator to create different banner areas (which can differ on their position, banner size and price for placing a banner) and let the users upload banners in them for a fee.

Sharing the ads on Facebook, Twitter and Google+

The listing details pages now include buttons for sharing easily the classified on Facebook, Twitter and Google+
Sharing the ads on Facebook

log in and registration of the users

New feature for log in and registration of the users

The users on the website now have the choice if they would like to sign up (and be able to post and manage their ads from the new users admin panel) or post an ad as guests, with no registration.
If necessary, the website can be set to require registration for all users or no registration at all (according to the administrator / website owner preferences).

Android applications (customized applications on Google Play Store)

The PHP Classified Ads android application (not included in the standard package) allow users to install it on their Android device and browse and search the classified ads directly from their Android phone or tablet.
The application can be customized with your brand colors and logo and we can help publish it on Google Play Store.
A sample demo application can be provided for free download and evaluation purposes, please don't hesitate to contact us for details.
Android applications classifieds